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In 2021, Michael became the Managing Director of Pendragon Theatre, for over forty years the only year-round professional theatre in the Adirondacks.

Michael was also co-founder of New Light Theater Project, a non-profit theater company devoted to a Collective of nearly 50 theater-makers, producing both new work and revivals at affordable levels of ticket prices.

Since 2013, NLTP has produced 30 shows developing both new work and classic revivals.

NLTP's past productions have been honored with Best of Theater 2013 by The L Magazine (Picture Ourselves in Latvia), TimeOut NY Critics Picks (Everything is Super Great, The American Tradition, Breeders, Bubba), and other various acclaim. 

Michael has also assisted in developing The Darkroom Series, a bi-monthly arts event where five outside artists and companies are invited to present 15 minutes of new work, free of charge, to an audience. 

For more information about New Light Theater Project, visit:

From 2016-2018, Michael served as the Producing Director of Access Theater, a 25-year-old curated arts venue in downtown Manhattan, that has been a seedbed for emerging and established artists for decades, including Bedlam, Fiasco, Tom McCarthy, Aasif Mandvi, Stephen Belber, and many more.

He launched an inaugural year-long Residency Program, which in its first year supported twelve artists and theater companies, with a balance of diversity, gender parity, and emerging and established levels, providing free space to develop new work for one year. Notable Residents included Elevator Repair Service (The Public's Measure for Measure - September 2017), Waterwell (Under the Radar's Blueprint Specials), Frank Pugliese (showrunner for House of Cards), The Drilling Company (Shakespeare in the Parking Lot), Kristen Adele (artist and activist), and many others. 

Further, Michael developed the Access Association Series, supported in part by the Cultural Development Fund and geared towards supporting full productions at various and affordable levels in Manhattan. Notable productions included: Omega Kids (a co-production with New Light Theater Project), Fringe of Humanity (written and starring Paul Calderon and Dexter's David Zayas), New Dance Theatre's Asylum, No. 11 Production's Friends Call Me Albert, and many others.

For more information about Access Theater, visit:

B.A. from Indiana University and currently enrolled in the Executive Program in Arts & Culture through Penn University and NAS.

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